“So pleased with the results we’ve received over this past month with Layla & her recent ankle injury. Dr. Massey is awesome! She has made this whole crazy/scary process so easy and relaxing for both Layla and I. We look forward to continuing with animal chiropractic & highly recommend for animal owners who want there pet’s to enjoy life at it’s best!!  Thank you!!” – Bailee M.

“Katana, dockdiving athlete, had a hard time reaching her potential this year after a over performance at the XGames. After treatment by Amanda, she is jumping further than ever, with new Personal Best scores in both of her events. She is now qualified for multiple 2016 national championships.” – Carol U.

“Dr. Massey has worked on three horses for me so far, and I can tell you I am thrilled with the change. One mare has been freed up through her shoulder and has a more open stride. She hasn’t been as cranky when I girth her up, either.
I see an improvement in my other horses as well; they engage their hindquarters better and they are staying soft and supple through their backs and necks.
I highly recommend Dr. Amanda Massey’s chiropractic work on your horses. Your horses will thank you!” – Wendy S

Amanda Massey specializes in the prevention and recovery from injuries to improve performance and quality of life.
Elite Motion and Performance provides Animal Adjusting and Myofascial Services to Equine and Canine Athletes.
“While other professions may be concerned about changing the environment to suit the weakened body, chiropractic is concerned with strengthening the body to suit the environment.”-BJ Palmer